Frisbeegolf also called Discgolf is a relatively new sport, which people practice worldwide. About 30 years ago people in Holland got aware of the sport from America. In Holland there are 400 people who play in a competition, which are divided over 20 unions. Frisbee is played in time off on the beach and in the dunes as spending time off. The Frisbee sport is known of different parts to play individually or in e team. Aspects are speed, tactics, athletics and skills, because these are the elements where it is all about. Below we will name differences.


This is the speedy team sport, played by people in competition in Holland.


Only a few people in Holland play this. We have a yearly event where top players all over the world come to attend the matches. There is another part concerning technical skills, like throwing as far as possible on the so called ´Self Caught Flights´. Sometime the championships are held in Holland.
Frisbeegolf or Discgolf:

Is played on terrains, where the objective is to throw the Frisbee in the target with the lowest number of throws are called Pole-hole. It is a basket with steel chains, where the Frisbee has to end up and falls down into the basket. This sport is quite similar to golf and it is the sport we play at Jaskólka in Poland. Most important with all Frisbee sports is the Spirit of the Game, which means that the Frisbee players play fair and with respect with each other. For this reason, a referee is not needed because the players will solve issues themselves.

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