How does it work?

Frisbeegolf or Discgolf look like the golf we all know. The difference is that it is played with a Frisbee instead of a ball. Many named items of golf are also known in the Frisbee game. Like tee, hole, hole in one, putt, approach, birdie, par drive etc. Frisbeegolf is often played in parks or terrain, where many obstacles occur, like water events, trees etc. Most important is that it is a recreative game in free nature and for all ages, all skills and wealth. It does not have to be expensive, but when skills grow, more expensive equipment can be bought. If you want to buy equipment in Holland, you can send us an email, and we’ll link you through to a good supplier. If you want to create a track yourself, you can have a look at

The frisbeecourse

The track is divided into tees and pole-holes. A frisbeegolf track consists of 9 or 18 holes. Tee means the spot to start throwing. From the tee, you try to reach to the hole, in the least number of throws. The distance between the tee and the hole is between 60 and 150 meters. Exceptions (up or down) are possible, if the environment influences this.

With games on our track, we use a pole-hole, which is a round metal basket on a standard. On top of the basket a metal ring with chains is situated, where the Frisbee will flow through into the basket. For the tees, we’ve chosen for tees for starters, and trees for experienced players, so that everyone can use the track. Also at every hole we show what the bounderies of the playing track are. Mostly the boundery by nature, like trees, water and other obstacles. When your Frisbee is thrown outside the boundery, it is called Out-of-Bounds. You will get a one point penalty and you can start at the spot where the Frisbee left the track. When your Frisbee gets into the water, you will get one point penalty and you can start over at the spot, close to where it fell in the water.

The game

The tee is a small area like a line or a spot of 1 by 1,5 meters of concrete where you start playing. At the first hole, a scoring form is filled in, and player 1 starts throwing. After the first hole, the ranking is determined by the number of throws. The best player starts and so on.

The next throws: after the first throw (of all players), the person which is most far from the hole, starts throwing. When you have a minidisk, put it at the spot where the Frisbee has landed and at the next throw, your forward foot must be 30 centimeters behind the minidisk (marking disc).

A disc which does not land on the ground: When-in any circumstance- the disc gets in a tree, you have to start exactly below this point. Up to 2 meters height is no problem, above that a pone point penalty is given. If the spot is outside the track, the rule is that you have to start again at the spot as described in Out-of-Bounds.

Different disc for different situations: it may be necessary where a different approach is needed. Think of large distances, or throwing around a tree. Similar to golf (where you have different clubs for different situations), a Frisbee player has many Frisbees to throw. Each Frisbee has specific flying and rolling properties. As a recreative player, you can start with a normal Frisbee, but soon you will find out that you want more. There are Frisbees for long distances and putters and many others. Be aware, that you should not catch the Frisbees, because you can hurt yourself. For throwing and catching there are different ones, also for dogs playing with them. We rent them to our guests, because normal Frisbees will be unusable as soon as a dog bites them.

No referee

In contradiction to other sports, a referee is not needed with Frisbee or Frisbeegolf. The players are responsible for the game and rule should be obeyed. We explained a few rules but the real competition player has more rules to obey, which can be collected at the NFB (Dutch Frisbee Union). As described earlier, the game is based on respect for the opponent and mistakes must be sorted together.

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